INZEA® is biodegradable

and compostable, in

accordance to EN 

13432, with high 

renewable sourced 

material (**)

INZEA is our response to our customers demands for more sustainable plastic materials. INZEA is a range of biopolymers based on starch and PLA that may be processed by injection or extrusion methods using conventional equipments.

With optimal mechanical properties and similar processing parameters, INZEA could be the sustainable solution to replace oil based polymers i.g. polyolefins and styrenics.

INZEA product range is suitable for Food Contact according to regulation 10/2011. This regulation depends on the final applications (*).

In order to improve its performance, INZEA biopolymers can be mixed with standard fillers, additives and biopolymer based master-batches.

(*) For futher information please contact with NUREL Technical Department

(**) Compostability depends on the final applications. For further information please contact us

INZEA is obtained from renewable sources: Using NUREL technology, raw materials and intermediates are converted into our biopolymer INZEA.

Eco-designed products may be produced using INZEA biobased & compostable solutions. INZEA product range is designed to return to nature by different disposal methods like industrial & home composting, or by biodegradation in different environments that may include soil, water or anaerobic digestion.

The action of the temperature and microorganisms will transform the materials into CO2, H2O and biomass, nourishing the soil and preparing it for the germination of seeds. New plants will grow and the lifecycle will reinitiate.